Eddie Mercer NYC

Emilse and I in Queens the other night.

Emilse and I in Queens the other night.

I got “the shot I’ve always wanted” this year above Times Square. Took 3 visits to finally get it with the light flat enough to evenly hit the buildings and street. Used my iPhone and an app called 360 Panorama to shoot it.

From a this weeks trip out to Nevada. Top two are sunsets from Mt. Charlston using the PRoHDR app. The Bottom is a portrait of yours truly, taken by Emilse Laguna using a Lumix GH4 with a 1.7 pancake lens.

I’ve gotten way over 99 cents of use out of Pro HDR, and 360 Panorama

East River looking more like East Bay.

East River looking more like East Bay.

A few Seconds of stock footage I caught of Big Allis. You should full screen this to appreciate the HD vision.

Manhattan Skyline at sunset.

The rooftops in Chinatown taken from the Manhattan Bridge walkway. 

The rooftops in Chinatown taken from the Manhattan Bridge walkway. 

These trucks travel around the city opening minds .

(Source: mercer2789.com)

New York Organic Fertilizer Company

The New York Organic Fertilizer Company used to make some of the most sought after and expensive organic fertilizer pellets on the market. They were sold at a premium to farming and food corporations from all over the country like Tropicana. Fact is NYOFC baked raw New York City sewage fertilizer. They sold them back to the same people who make the food, that our guts make the fertilizer from in the first place. I shit you not.

Raw city sewage came in through pipes into the facility from under the long island sound and were separated into giant industrial dryers until it formed solid dry pellets. The toxic stench coming from the smoke stacks at this place poisoned the air in Hunts Point for years. Thousands suffered in this densely populated South Bronx community, some with serious health issues as a direct result. 

The residents near NYOFC had to battle uphill for decades to finally get this facility shut down.  NYOFC made more than enough profit to pay for all the legal fees, fines, and kickbacks to city officials needed to stay profitable. They were literally turning shit into money. A foul financial opportunity that kept those dryers poisoning the air for years until it was shut down in 2010.

I was able to photograph the entire facility today, it still smells like shit.

Forgot the blackbook and ran out of paper to sketch so I used  an old map book. Last sketch had something to do with the fact that both major NYC airports were in Queens.

Photos I’ve taken of OS Gemeos work here in NYC.

Vampire Bat Illustration Project in the works.

Noam Chomsky stencil I cut in 2010.

Noam Chomsky stencil I cut in 2010.

R.I.P. 5 Pointz

When I first moved to NYC I lived on the 7 line. I passed 5 pointz daily and always knew when new work had gone up since I had the place memorized. Over the years I’ve shot more photos here than almost anywhere else in the city. I’ll really miss it.

Queens lost a tourist attraction and NYC lost a landmark. It was brutal. In the end, I can’t stay mad at the owners for developing it. They did let us paint here for years. That’s way more than anyone else has done I guess. Rest in peace.